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The Colin Farrell comeback, which got started with his surprise Golden Globe win for In Bruges last year, led up to a bit part in Crazy Heart and rolls along with June's Ondine, may have just hit its peak. Variety reports that Farrell and Marion Cotillard are attached to star in Cosmopolis, an adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel to be adapted and directed by David Cronenberg.

Farrell will play a rich guy who takes a 24-hour journey across Manhattan, losing all of his money, occasionally running into his wife (Cotillard), and being stalked by two men over the course of one very eventful day. The project will be presented for potential buyers at Cannes this week, and filming is already scheduled to take place a little under a year from now in New York and Toronto. Cronenberg is planning to film his Sigmund Freud/Carl Jung project A Dangerous Method starting this month in Europe, but apparently the guy just can't sit still. We'll only be more excited for Cosmopolis if he comes up with a way to work Viggo Mortensen in there somehow.

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