There is little doubt that Star Wars Episode VII is the hottest project in Hollywood right now. Ever since the announced deal between Lucasfilm and the Walt Disney Company, movie fans have been going nuts speculating about every little aspect, imagining how the new movie will fit in with the chronology of the previous films and whether or not we will be seeing Luke, Han and Leia again. But one of the most pressing questions has been in regard to the director's position. With George Lucas out of the picture, working simply as a creative consultant on the latest sequel, the big chair is open for a talented filmmaker with the skills to drive the future of the Star Wars universe. We've heard many, many names enter into the mix over the last few weeks, but now a new, very surprising one has surfaced.

In an article that covers recent comments made by actor Jason Flemying about the possibility of X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn getting the Episode VII gig, Deadline has revealed that there is a possibility that Fight Club filmmaker David Fincher could be interested in directing a new Star Wars movie. While the site doesn't say much more than that he "might be game for one of these new films," it adds that Fincher worked at Industrial Light and Magic when he was younger. He also got his feature career off the ground with a sequel in an established sci-fi franchise, making Alien3 back in 1992. As for other names in the mix, apparently Jon Favreau - who expressed interest in the job earlier this month - is apparently making a case as to why he should get the gig.

Fincher is certainly one of the most interesting names thrown into the mix, but do you think he would be the right person to help guide the future of Star Wars? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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