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Deadpool's Budget Is Not What Any Of Us Expected

If there was any character in the Marvel Comics canon that could climb out of the bowels of Hell, it'd most certainly have to be Deadpool - and he's done just that in the cinematic world.The Deadpool movie has gone from being pretty much being canceled to being on the fast trackone leaked video that set Twitter on fire with support. Popular and supported as the project is, however, apparently it won't be given the money normally seen on display in big superhero films. Before you get upset, though, the lower budget may actually turn out to be a good thing.

MTV recently caught up with Ryan Reynolds, who is currently promoting his Sundance entry Mississippi Grind, and sure enough the Canadian actor anticipated the obvious red and black elephant in the room, calling out, "the Deadpool question," before it was even asked. Speaking about the film, Reynolds touched on the fact that the dark comedy won't have the same kind of resources seen in other comic book movies, but added that the limited cash flow is the most liberating aspect of the whole project. He said,

"We don’t have the kind of money that most superhero movies do, but that’s great, actually. Necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s why we get to make the movie we want to make."

The Deadpool movie spent many years in development hell due to the fact that people at 20th Century Fox didn’t believe that the project had enough box office potential, and while that conversation has obviously changed a great deal in the last few months – explaining how the film wound up getting the green light – it’s also hard to believe that part of it didn’t come as a result of some negotiation between the studio and filmmakers. Part of those talks undoubtedly concerned two things: the budget and the rating. Noting how Ryan Reynolds said that they're making "the movie [they] want to make" with Deadpool, it’s possible that the filmmakers won the rating war – potentially getting permission to make the movie R-rated - but that the victory came at the cost of the budget. Those of you holding out hope that a curse and blood filled Deadpool movie might be able to rejoice after all.

Whether it be a PG-13 or R rating, or a long or short film, Deadpool is on the tracks and steaming towards glory. How big of a victory the Tim Miller-directed film will score is up to you, dear readers – and you'll finally be able to vote with your wallets on February 12, 2016! Now's the time to start convincing your valentine that if you're going to see 50 Shades Of Grey this year, next year's Deadpool's turn!

Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes

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