Devil's Due Pranks New Yorkers With Evil Robot Baby

If you saw an unattended baby stroller lazily rolling along the streets of New York, would you approach it? What if this stroller sounded like there was a crying infant in it? Of course, right? Well, then beware! In promotion of Devil's Due an evil infant has been unleashed in the Big Apple. Okay, so it's animatronic and not a real spawn of Satan, but it nonetheless scared the bejesus out of a wide array of concerned citizens, who jumped screamed, and sometimes went into full-on fight-or-flight mode.

Tipped by The Daily News, this video comes from those crafty creatives at Thinkmodo, a company that has proven a major innovator in guerilla marketing tactics. As detailed in this video's beginning, Thinkmodo's team built a remote-controlled stroller and demon baby. The former could steer around New York's crowded streets, scoring stares as it crashes through art vendor booths or knocks down restaurant's sandwich boards. The later can be programmed to spring into a seated position, cry, scream, turn his head, flip the bird and projectile vomit.

All this is to advertise for the upcoming horror-thriller Devil's Due. Allison Miller and Zach Gilford star as Samantha and Zach McCall, a newlywed couple who after experiencing a lost night on their honeymoon discovers they are having a baby. In the way of many parents in the age of social media, they decide to record every step of the pregnancy. But there's something off strange about Samantha's cravings. For instance, she's not so much into pickles or ice cream, but fresh-killed deer. We can safely assume, the pregnancy just gets more deranged from there.

As a low-budget horror flick that can boast no major stars, Devil's Due can use all the promo help it can get, especially amid the crowded market of January releases. So it was a smart move by distributor 20th Century Fox to call Thinkmodo. The New York-based marketing agency has been heralded for their innovative approaches to appealing to consumers. Plus, they are masters at making viral videos. Though it was only posted yesterday, "Evil Baby Attack" has already racked up more than 5,900,000 views, potentially scaring up interest in Devil's Due.

Previous Thinkmodo endeavors included a Limitless stunt that hacked into the massive video screens that blanket Times Square:

And a clever Chronicle vid that featured what appeared to be people flying Superman-style above the New York City skyline.

Devil's Due opens Friday, January 17th.

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Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.