Did Warner Bros. Change Edge Of Tomorrow's Title Again?

Even before Warner Bros. released Edge Of Tomorrow into theaters this summer, you could tell that the studio was having a hard time trying to figure out how to market what they had in front of them. The most telling clue as to their lack of a marketing strategy was present in the fact that they changed the film's title from the infinitely more awesome sounding All You Need Is Kill to that bland pile of focus-group-approved excrement Edge of Tomorrow, and right before Comic Con 2013, too! Here's hoping you weren't too attached to either of those titles, as it looks like Warner Bros. is doing something that you rarely see these days: they're changing the title for the home video release.

At least that's what it looks like according to this user uploaded Imgur post, which made it onto their site today. Trust us when we tell you, it's legit, and it's misleading as all hell.

Live Die Repeat

Now if you didn't know that the film's title was Edge Of Tomorrow, but you knew that this was that Tom Cruise movie you wanted to see, but didn't get to the theaters in time to see, what would you think the title of this movie would be? If you answered Live Die Repeat, you wouldn't be blamed. The movie's actual title is so sidelined, they may as well have not even included it. Live Die Repeat isn't All You Need Is Kill, but at least it isn't Edge Of Tomorrow, which was a title so bad that even the studio was trying to get you to forget it. Take a look at this poster, created while the film was still running in theaters!

Live On The Edge

Judging by that piece of art, we're either supposed to call the film Live On The Edge, or just plain old Edge, which brings us up to five different titles this movie potentially has. It's no wonder this tanked at the box office, as audiences must have been so confused as to what movie they were supposed to see that they just decided they'd just see The Fault In Our Stars or Maleficent: two movies that drilled their titles so deep into your head, you can practically hear a mash up of dragon roars and Charli XCX singing Boom Clap if you let the room get quiet enough.

Edge Of Tomorrow is the best reviewed film of the summer that no one even saw. The sad part about that statement is the fact that if Warner Bros. really got behind this movie and let it develop a singular brand identity (rather than try to trick viewers into wanting to see the film), they might have had a modest domestic hit on their hands. For now, they'll just have to comfort themselves with the fact that despite the parade of screw ups they continue to make with this film's marketing, it's at the very least raked in a healthy $363.5 million in worldwide grosses.

Edge Of Tomorrow / All You Need Is Kill / Edge / Live Die Repeat / Edge Of Glory* will be released onto store shelves on Blu Ray and DVD on October 7th.

*Pick a title, any title. Chances are it'll be on the shelves when you're looking for the damned thing anyway.

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