Die Hard 25th Anniversary Collection Will Shoot On To Blu-ray In January

It’s hard to believe that John McClane first started his brutal and potty-mouthed fight against a bunch of different sets of motherfucking terrorists 25 years ago. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment hasn’t forgotten about it’s anti-hero, however, and will be bringing the Die Hard 25th Anniversary Collection to Blu-ray in a 5-Disc set that will feature new bonus features and all four Die Hard flicks.

Fans will be able to get their hands on the extensive Blu-ray collection beginning on January 29. The first four discs will be devoted to the films themselves, including Die Hard, the ridiculously titled Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Die Hard with a Vengeance, and Live Free or Die Hard. Disc 5 will stick with the theme and will be called “Decoding Die Hard.” I know many fans would rather the fourth film in the series just be eliminated from the set but, for fans who do feel that way, it simply means the 25th Anniversary Collection is probably not best way to be spending your entertainment budget, unless the bonus disc is super appealing.

The all-new bonus disc, “Decoding Die Hard,” will feature 7 featurettes that take a retrospective look at the franchise, its villains, its action sequences, and the effects Die Hard has had on culture as a whole. The most important featurette will probably be the “Modern Day Hero” segment, which takes a look back at John McClane, his evolution as a character, and the actor who made the character a name, Bruce Willis. You can check out the complete list of bonus features, below.

”Decoding Die Hard” Blu-ray Extras

  • “Modern-Day Hero” — Casting, evolution and legacy of John McClane
  • “Along For The Ride” — Sidekicks who have teamed up with McClane
  • “Bad To The Bone” — McClane’s foes
  • “Punishing Blows” — Action sequences, fistfights and stunts
  • “Explosive Effects” — Role of visual and special effects
  • “Reinventing The Action Genre” — Development of the franchise
  • “The Right Hero For The Right Time” — Influence of Die Hard
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