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Try not to move or breathe or do anything that might change things, because we might be in a very special moment here: the moment when the very, very worst of Hollywood's recycling ideas finally die out. The end of the Universal/Hasbro relationship was one good step, meaning the death of terrible movie ideas like Ouija and the Clue remake. And now another head of that same terrible hydra-- movies based on Disney theme park rides-- may have been cut off too. THR's news that Ehren Kruger is working on "Disney's untitled explorers movie" might not sound like much at first, but later on you learn that this movie was once based on Disneyland's Matterhorn ride-- and at long last, they're moving away from that idea.

As the story stands now, it will follow a group of five young adventurers who travel into the Alps and face off, inevitably, against Yetis. Each of the travelers fits a certain "type," though not the ones you're familiar with from most movies-- there's an action sports guy, a travel guide, a cartographer, an archaeologist and an escape artist. Brian Beletic will be making his directorial debut on the project, which sounds like a pretty tall order, but in Kruger he's got a lot of blockbuster experience. Before being credited with the last two TransformersThe Ring films, as well as Scream 3. So, OK, there aren't a lot of classics on that list, but Kruger knows his way around a big movie, and that counts for something.

And the best part for our collective intelligence is that Disney is no longer assuming we'll like their movie better if it's tied into a ride we may or may not have ridden. With the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise still technically alive out there, we're not totally done with theme park rides-- but this sounds like a step in the right direction, at least.

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