Is Disney Planning A Flubber 3D?

Remember Flubber? It was that truly terrible Robin Williams vehicle from back in the 90s that was essentially 93 minutes of really dumb slapstick and glasses-wearing gobs of goo dancing. Despite its poor quality, the film was a box office smash, making $90 million domestically. Frankly, it's amazing that a sequel hasn't been made already. Perhaps they were just waiting for 3D.

What's Playing is saying that Disney is developing plans to make a Flubber 3D (and here I thought the 3D label could only be used for the third movie in a trilogy). According to the story, the studio has been keen on making a follow-up for years and are actively trying to get Robin Williams to reprise his role as Professor Philip Brainard. Said the source, "They’ve always be keen to follow up Flubber, but I don’t think they believe it’d be worthwhile without Williams"

Let me just clear something up here real quick: this project isn't worthwhile even with Robin Williams. Ignoring the fact that the last movie Williams made was the utterly miserable Old Dogs, what we're talking about here is a sequel to a film whose key audience is now thirteen years older than they were in 1997. Estimating that the key demographic was eight when they went to go see the first film, I imagine that it will be quite difficult to get them to come back. After all, that means that they are now of drinking age and are probably using multiple shots of grain alcohol to try and forget they ever saw Robin Williams stick green gunk to the bottom of his sneakers in order to dunk a basketball.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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