Presumably there are tons of you out there who are huge Rocky IV fans, and flipped your lids when Dolph Lundgren, a.k.a. Ivan Drago, was listed as a potential cast member in Sylvester Stallone's next movie, The Expendables. Now Lundgren is talking to Wizard (as reported by JoBlo) about his role in the movie, and glory be, we'll see him face off against Sly one more time.

"[The characters is] a mercenary who's part of Sly's team. He's kind of a victim of the violence. He ends up getting fired by Stallone." But later on in the film, bent on revenge, Lundgren's character returns. "There's a showdown between me, him and Jet Li."

The Expendables sounds like it will have as much awesome, reality-bending action as a person can stand, and with a cast like this, how can you lose? Hopefully more details like this will start getting leaked to give us even mroe reason to look forward to this extravaganza.

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