Doug Liman Talks Jumper Sequel

While Jumper didn’t exactly make back its budget in its opening weekend, it did worlds better than most of us were expecting it to, especially once you look at the international box office instead of just the domestic side of things. Of course, what else would we expect from buzz surrounding a successful opening weekend besides sequel talk?

Apparently Doug Liman already jumped the gun on talking about a sequel to the Hayden Christensen flick, because Collider ran an interview with the director on Friday where he talked about plans for the future, before the movie even had its successful box office weekend.

So what does Liman have planned? Lots of things: I actually have a ton of ideas for the sequel because this is whole new arena for me and so my mind was in overdrive the whole time and most of the ideas I came up with we either could tease or just save it for a sequel” I think most people who saw the picture will agree they saved quite a bit for the sequel, because the movie doesn’t move too far away from what it initially sets up as far as this jumping power goes.

Apparently there’s a lot more to the power than just the teleportation that’s explored in Jumper: ”this power can be used to leave this planet, this power can be used ultimately to go back in time, this power can be used if you go and work for the government you’d be the ultimate Jason Bourne.” So, a sequel could quickly become Jumper in Space, Jumping Through Time, or Jumping Jason Bourne. Sounds like a lot of versatility. Unfortunately, it all sounds pretty hokey as well. Hopefully that’s just because these ideas are being boiled down to a simple form, but I can’t say I care for the sounds of any of it.

None of that sounds as bad as the actual direction the story goes according to the novel, apparently though. Liman talks about one thing that is definitely planned, should there be a second picture: ”There’s one massive hint in the film for the ultimate twist that would take place in the sequel, which is…I guess people will read the 2nd book so they’ll know, but Rachel Bilson’s character learns how to teleport in the 2nd book.” I don’t know about you, but I missed any sort of hint about that, or about these powers being something that can be taught. I thought this was a genetic thing, or my mind just make that up to fill in the blanks during those horrid Bilson/Christensen dialog scenes?

Something tells me that, like it or not, a Jumper sequel is highly likely, so I guess its good that they’re already thinking about these things. I just can’t say I’m that excited about any of these plans. Sound off on your thoughts below.