Dwight Schrute Gets His Own Movie

Dwight may soon have a new boss. Rainn Wilson who stars as Dwight Schrute in the best show on television, NBC’s ‘The Office”, is working on a deal with Fox Atomic to be front and center for their new comedy The Rocker. In it, Rainn plays a filed drummer who gets a shot at fame. No word on how many arms the drummer has, but since Variety says the character is a modern day Pete Best, it’s probably not one. Bummer. One-armed drummers are always better.

I have to say, I’m delighted to see so many ‘Office’ castmembers getting work outside their show. When it started out Steve Carell was the only name in the cast, but since then ‘Office’ actors have started popping up everywhere. Except that is, for Jenna Fischer. Rainn Wilson deserves his own movie, but when does Jenna Fischer get hers? She’s had a few cameos, mostly in movies directed by her husband, but Pam may seriously be the most compelling and well written female character in the history of television. Jenna deserves credit for that. If Dwight can get his own movie then Pam needs one too.

Note to Jenna: If you see a strange man lurking in the bushes outside your house tonight, don’t worry. It’s just every dude in America. It’s getting crowded out here. Consider getting a bigger hedge.

Josh Tyler