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Eddie Murphy In Fantasy Island

Good news for Antonio Banderas. If he’s interested in a second career as a voice coach, Eddie Murphy may be interested in hiring him. Murphy, has just signed on to a movie version of the Ricardo Montelbahn TV series 'Fantasy Island’.

Unfortunately like just about every TV to movie translation Hollywood does, it sounds like this will be yet another parody. Variety says Disney is describing the project as a family oriented comedy and it’s written by the guys who wrote Norbit. Worse, Eddie Murphy is expected to play multiple roles in the film. So what we have here isn’t so much a movie version of the television series, but a rehash of The Klumps set on a scenic, magical Island. Maybe they should call it The Klumps’ Visit The Set of Lost.

I don’t know about you folks, but I’m goddamn sick and tired of watching Hollywood turn every interesting 80s television show into a series of cinematic fart jokes. It’s starting to feel like they’re not just making fun of the television shows, but they’re making fun of you and me for liking them. ‘Fantasy Island’ wasn’t perfect, but the show was pretty good and it certainly wasn’t a kids movie where Eddie Murphy dresses up in a series of fat suits or gets down on his knees and pretends to be a midget.

It may seem like a strange place to take a stand, but I’m fed up. I’m drawing the line here. No more Hollywood. No more. You’re making me sick… and while we’re at it so are you Eddie Murphy. Eddie you got an Oscar nomination this year and in the space of just a few months you’ve already sullied that nomination more than Cuba Gooding Jr. has tarnished his Oscar in years of trying. And Cuba Gooding Jr. was in Boat Trip man. Boat Trip! You’re a bigger embarrassment than the guy who made Snow Dogs! Think about that Eddie. Just think about it. Ricardo Montalbahn hates you sir. That’s Khan! Khan freakin hates you. How does that feel Eddie? Say it with me now: Khhhaaaann!!!!