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"I'm looking forward to doing it, and I promise I'll stay there all night."

That was all Eddie Murphy had to say when asked at yesterday's Tower Heist press conference about his upcoming gig hosting the Oscars, but that was pretty much all that was needed. He and Brett Ratner, who is producing next year's ceremony, were on hand to promote their new movie Tower Heist, and it's safe to assume that the new release has been taking up most of their time, especially since it's still unclear which movies Murphy will be cracking jokes about at the February 26 ceremony. Ratner didn't respond at all to the question, and Murphy let the conversation move on after that one line, referencing the infamous incident when he lost out on a Best Supporting Actor trophy for Dreamgirls and stormed out of the theater immediately after.

In a video interview with Entertainment Tonight, Murphy had a little bit more to say, and much funnier stuff to boot. You have to watch Brett Ratner repeat a lot of talking points about working with Eddie Murphy (seriously, he said almost all of the exact same things in the press conference), but it's worth it to get through and see a little bit of the Eddie Murphy we're all hoping will show up to host the Oscars.

OK, so he appears to be half asleep when you first see him, which is more of what he was like during the press conference-- at one point I actually did think he was falling asleep, and the way he suddenly jerked up to take a sip of his Coke, he may well have been. But even though he's interrupting Ben Stiller constantly in this video, it's still funny-- even if he doesn't do anything as insane when he hosts as wearing a powder blue tuxedo and urinating on himself, I still like that his mind is going somewhere that weird.

And Murphy is actually funny in Tower Heist too, though I'm not really allowed to talk about that one for a while. As much as Ratner seems like a bizarre choice to produce the Oscars, Murphy does really seem to be a good fit for it, now that he's apparently gotten over all that bad blood left over from his Dreamgirls loss.