Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz Gets The Interactive Screenplay Treatment

Hot Fuzz Script

The interactive screenplay for Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead was such a hit, the Hot Fuzz version had to be next, right? Well, here it is – a comprehensive look behind the scenes of Wright’s witty, spot-on buddy cop comedy that continued the Cornetto trilogy by casting Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as unlikely police partners trying to crack a bloody case in the English countryside.

The site allows you to both view the screenplay in full screen, or to download your own personal PDF of Wright’s draft. There are a ton of images and still frames from the movie, like this one, which – as you probably already know – reveals that The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson filmed a cameo as Father Christmas in Wright’s movie.

Hot Fuzz Peter Jackson

There also are several original storyboards from Wright’s film, scratched-together information about the fictional town of Sandford, and random “Fuzz Facts” sprinkled throughout the screenplay.

Hot Fuzz Notes

Now I wonder if Wright will release one for the third and final chapter of the Cornetto Trilogy, The World’s End, which comes out this Friday? It would be cool to have a copy of the screenplay on a portable device, which you could bring into a participating theater (perhaps filled with similarly like-minded interactive Wright fans) and follow along with the movie as you absorbed bits of trivia. I’ve heard of instances where indie directors will record commentary tracks for movies that are still in theaters. It encourages patrons to go back a second and third time to experience a movie they love, only with insight from the director or screenwriter. This could potentially work for The World’s End too.

Hot Fuzz remains my favorite Wright film to date. If you missed it yesterday, we posted a comprehensive list of the 190 films Wright and guest star Quentin Tarantino discussed during their epic Hot Fuzz Blu-ray commentary track. And I’ll put a few fun Hot Fuzz clips down below, so you can revel in the witticism of Wright’s deadpan action spoof. For more on Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy with his favorite collaborators, Pegg and Frost, follow along with our Golden Mile celebration of these beloved films. Then check out The World’s End when it opens this weekend.

The Shortest Police Chase

Fence Jumping

Good Luck Nicholas

The Battle of Sandford Begins

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