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After the very high-profile exit from Ant-Man, the entire industry is wondering what director Edgar Wright is going to do next. Will he return to England and make another smaller picture? Will he return to TV? Could he possibly set up shop at a new studio? According to one specious report, he might just return to Disney.

Deadline seems to feel that Wright could return to the Mouse House for Kolchak: The Night Stalker, a property he was developing years ago. This adaptation of the semi-popular seventies television series followed Carl Kolchak, a tabloid newspaperman who also served as something of a paranormal investigator, getting involved in cases involving werewolves, monsters and boogeymen. There was comedy not only in star Darren McGavin's incredulity at these monsters, but also the extreme skepticism shown by Kolchak's friends and colleagues. It's very likely the mixture of scares and laughs had a massive impact on Wright's cinematic interests. If you're curious, a lot of Kolchak appears to be on YouTube.

The report reminds us that a script by D.V. DiVincentis (Grosse Point Blank) has been completed (and has been for a while), and right now it's only about if Johnny Depp, who's been developing the project for years, signs on the dotted line. Depp is currently filming Black Mass. Disney's got him on the hook not only for the Alice In Wonderland follow-up Through The Looking Glass, but also Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales -- both sequels to billion dollar movies. There's motivation to make these movies, but not necessarily demand, particularly if Transcendence had anything to say about Depp's declining appeal as a leading man.

Of course, this is a pretty broad note by Deadline, and not indicative of an actual shift in development on The Night Stalker. Edgar Wright's likely got his choice of options, not to mention that long-rumored Baby Driver film he's set up back home at Working Title Films. And this is also Disney... are they really going to bring him back on after he ditched their Marvel project with a little more than a year to go before release? Studio politics ensure that everyone always ends up back in bed with one another, but the Ant-Man situation just might be too fresh in their memories to give this forgotten property a go.

Kolchak was a major character for a demographic that is currently in the vicinity of 40: that same demographic went to Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp, but no one younger than that bothered, and that film lost quite a bit of money. This time around? It's probably likely Kolchak is left alone.

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