If you haven't already noticed, the news cycle is pretty damn slow at this time of year. Between Christmas and New Years, everybody in Hollywood is taking a minute to relax, put their feet up, and prepare for 2011. But because something needs to fill the void, we've spent the better part of this week reporting rumors and then debunking them, and most have had to do with Marvel Studio's future projects. We've already covered the Skrulls vs. Kree and Demi Lovato stories, and now we have another one to shut down.

Last night I reported a rumor that Alan Tudyk was not only officially signed on to play Ant-Man in the Edgar Wright-written solo superhero movie, but that he would also have a role in The Avengers. When writing it up, I pointed out the numerous inconsistencies in the story, but now it's officially been shut down. Moviefone contacted Wright about the rumor, who responded with three simple words: "News to me." One would think that the director would be kept apprised of all casting announcements.

So that's three Marvel rumors shut down this week and it's only Wednesday. The rest of this week is going to be a blast.

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