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Edge Of Tomorrow Comic-Con Poster Makes Emily Blunt Morosely Badass


Emily Blunt is the kind of actress whose career wouldn’t seem likely to produce two science fiction films involving unique takes on time travel. But after Looper, she wasn’t destined to be left out of the loop, and she will kick some major time-shifting ass in Doug Liman’s upcoming Edge of Tomorrow, and the official Comic-Con poster seen above doesn’t make her look too happy about it. I thought massacring aliens brought smiles to everyone’s faces. Will Smith, you lied to me in Independence Day!

So far, our only look at Blunt from the film was in a still where she was crouched next to co-star Tom Cruise, and her full armored visage couldn’t really be appreciated. And while Cruise’s full-on mecha-glory was showcased in his own poster earlier in the week, Blunt gives him a run for his money, and a lot of it is due to that badass-looking cricket bat she’s holding. It was on her back in the still, and I kind of thought it was some kind of a gun or an antenna, but now I see that it’s a face-smasher. I mean, it could actually just be an updated TSA scanner that identifies all alien threats, but I doubt it.

Comic-Con is also showcasing displays of these gun-heavy armor outfits, which SlashFilm gave us a look at. The first one seen below depicts the suit worn by Cruise’s military officer Lt. Col. Bill Cage, and the second is of the suit used by Blunt’s Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski.



See more photos over at SlashFilm.

I wouldn’t want to run into these suits in a dark alley, regardless of it was unmanned. There’s something too insectile about the suits’ guns bending into the air like that. I can’t wait to see what the alien enemies look like, to see if all this gear is really worth it.

The enemies I refer to are the Mimics, an alien race currently at war with humanity. Cage, who’s never seen battle, gets sent out on a suicide mission where he is quickly killed. Miraculously, he awakens back at the beginning of that day and is forced to live out this same scenario time and time again, only his skills as a soldier increase each time he goes back. He teams up with Vrataski, who is caught up in a similar situation, and the two of them try to save the Earth from its certain doom. Doom, I say! My guess is, the story will have its share of mechanical errors, but it might just be an explosive good time. Futuristic cricket, anyone?

Edge of Tomorrow, formerly titled All You Need is Kill after its graphic novel source material, will be released in 3D and IMAX 3D on June 6, 2014.

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