District 12

The resistance is kept more under wraps. While Katniss sees snippets of rebellion on the train, as well as Gale’s beating, she never runs into District 8 refugees Bonnie and Twill and she doesn’t have to deal with Gale’s friend Darius getting turned into a tongue-less Avox after defying the District 12 peacekeepers. These details keep her from learning as much about the resistance as she knows in the books. While she senses a revolution brewing, she is also more sheltered from it.

District 12

Haymitch’s backstory is never made clear. In the books, we know that Haymitch actually won the previous Quarter Quell, and Peeta and Katniss make it a point to watch and see how their mentor was able to overcome obstacles and win the heightened version of the Hunger Games only after his District 12 partner—a character who plays a similar role to Rue—is tragically killed by an obstacle in the arena. This helps to flesh out Haymitch beyond the amusing and clever but drunken mentor he plays through the first two films.

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