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The international trailer for a major blockbuster sometimes can take a fresh angle. We see similar footage, but it’s organized differently. New sides of the story are told. Maybe, if we are lucky, extended sequences are included, giving other characters (and other actors) more screen time.

The new international trailer for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, for example, goes heavier on Electro than it’s domestic counterpart did. We get tons more shots of Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) and Electro (Jamie Foxx) fighting in Times Square. We get the sequence of Spidey catching a cop car that was the highlight of the Hall H Comic-Con footage. And we get more witty banter between Peter and his Aunt May (Sally Field). Oh, sweet comic relief! Give the above clip a watch, then compare it to the U.S. version that hit earlier this week.

Do you think it’s strange that Gwen (Emma Stone) shouts out Peter’s name as Spider-Man swings away? She’s going to give away his identity!

The international trailer downplays the importance of Harry Osborn, when compared to the U.S. tease. Maybe Dane DeHaan isn’t as big of a draw as Jamie Foxx? Maybe some of the Electro effects were polished this week? Either way, putting the two of them together makes for one amazing super-trailer for Spidey 2.

And now we know that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Sony revealed that plans are underway for multiple Spider-Man sequels, spinoffs and more. Venom likely will be the focus of a new movie, while Spidey is all but guaranteed to fight the Sinister Six in an upcoming installment. The release of the international trailer solidifies WHY Sony feels confident moving forward at such an accelerated pace on this franchise. Spider-Man is a global brand, recognized (and adored) in countries around the world. They turn out for these movies, especially if they are made with the world-building care that seems to be going into these installments.

Webb’s ASM 2 reaches theaters on May 2. It will kick off next year’s summer blockbuster season, and lead to bigger, better things in the future. For the time being, what do you think of this international trailer? Did you spot anything new? Let us know!
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