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Is Ellen Ripley Headed For Another Resurrection?

This year has brought Rambo and Indiana Jones back to the big screen, and last year brought us reappearances of Rocky and John McClane. Now Sigourney Weaver is saying what’s good for the gander may be good for the goose, and she may be interested in cashing in with the boys and bringing back a decade-gone character for another round of action.

She’s talking, of course, about Ellen Ripley, the star of the Alien movies. The actress told OK! Magazine that she wouldn’t mind bringing the character back, especially if she had a director like Ridley Scott and a good story idea.

Of all of the character resurfaces in the past few years, I am really opposed to this one because Ripley has one thing going against her that the others didn’t. She’s dead! (You thought I was going to say she’s a woman, didn’t you? Shame, shame, shame!). It was bad enough that Ripley was already brought back to life for the aptly titled fourth film, Alien: Ressurection, but even that stretched the boundaries of believability and received a lot of criticism for its approach. Trying to bring her back a decade later just because the boys are doing it is a bad idea.

Ironically, the whole killing off of Ellen Ripley in Alien 3 was Weaver’s idea. She didn’t want to play the character anymore and asked her to be killed off so she couldn’t - the Charlton Heston approach to sequels, if you will.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t see another Alien picture with Sigourney Weaver, especially if a better story than the silly AvP ideas could be found. It would be difficult considering the current status of the character though.