Emma Roberts No Longer Starring In Spring Breakers?

From what’s being reported today, it looks like the film Spring Breakers may be in need of a young starlet to replace one of the leads in the Harmony Korine directed drama. Rumor has it, Emma Roberts, who was set to star alongside James Franco and Selena Gomez in the film, has bowed out of the project.

The movie, which also includes Vanessa Hudgens and Heather Morris and is currently listed as “crime” and “drama” by IMDB, and will follow four college students who attempt to pay for their spring break trip by robbing a restaurant. Based on the plot description, things don’t go so well. And now it sounds like things weren’t going so well behind the scenes either, at least not for Emma Roberts.

Just Jared got the exclusive on the story, stating that their sources say the Scream 4 star has exited the project due to “creative differences that couldn’t be resolved.” It’s a vague explanation, but certainly reason enough for an actor to walk away from a role. But is this a hint that there are problems with the film or was it something specific to Roberts and the role she was going to play?

Also, assuming this news is true, who will be brought in to replace Roberts? Back in November, Variety described her part as "a Southerner who feeds off danger." Any suggestions for a replacement that could take on a role like that? Will they go with another known actor on the rise like Roberts? Or will the part be filled by some undiscovered talent?

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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