The best thing about the Harry Potter movies isn't the magic, or even the stories. It's the series' young actors, who we've been able to watch grow up right along with their roles. Keeping the same people in those parts is critical to the franchise's continued success, and while there've been rumbles before that they might not all make it to the end, they've usually centered around Daniel Radcliffe.

Now it seems that while both Radcliffe and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) are content to keep cashing Harry Potter paychecks forever, Emma Watson may be ready to abandon movies making in favor of getting smart.

Yep, Emma isn't signed for the final films in the series and she says she may not agree to work anymore. She's more interested in education. "I don't know yet. Every film is such a huge production and it's a long time," she told the UK's Daily Mail. If she agrees to the contract currently under negotiations, the 16-year-old actress would be stuck making Harry Potter movies until she turns 20. "I love to perform, but there are so many things I love doing."

Emma wouldn't be the first teen actress to shun box office receipts in favor of higher education. Natalie Portman did much the same, taking a break from movies to get a college degree and learn something before she returned to playing make-believe for a living.

If there's one cast member they can't afford to lose, it's Emma, not their boy who lived Daniel Radcliffe. Over the past couple of movies she's quickly become the series' real star, as both she and her character have grown into their own. Her Hermione Granger is the best thing about Harry Potter, and losing her could be a death blow.

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