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Disney has just released the first trailer for their holiday family comedy Enchanted. It looks a little something like Cool World meets Aquamarine, and the plot synopsis sounds like it ought to be the sort of movie that’ll throw good film lovers into convulsions. It’s the story of a fairytale princess thrust from the cartoon world into our own, and forced to find a way back. Wait, don't click away yet, because after watching the trailer, you may actually end up excited to see it.

The trailer really works, and the cast is simply fantastic. Amy Adams stars as the fish-out-of-water princess, and she’s every bit as fantastic and lovable in this trailer as she is in just about everything she’s done so far. James Marsden her male cartoon counterpart, Susan Sarandon is in the mix as a wicked Queen, and Patrick Dempsey is in the film as, well, a guy who seems a lot like every character Patrick Dempsey plays. At least we know he’ll be good about it.

Enchanted looks like a total throwback to those fun, silly, family 80s movies that have sort of become a vanishing breed in modern times. Watch the trailer by clicking here and get ready to bundle up the kids and buy $50 worth of tickets on November 21st.