Despite earning good reviews, End of Watch barely sizzled at the box office before fading out of theaters. The good news is that the film was produced on a small $7 million budget. Worldwide, it only made a little over $40 million dollars, but that’s still one hell of a turnaround. If you missed End of Watch in theaters, you’ll be able to catch the film just after the holidays. Universal Studios Home Entertainment is bringing the film to Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on January 22.

End of Watch follows Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña as two LAPD officers working in one of the most dangerous areas of Los Angeles. Unlike your average police drama or procedural, the flick really jumps in and delves into the lives of police officers working on the streets. Cinema Blend’s review calls it a film that “gambles constantly,” and I don’t think there’s a better way to describe some of the filming tactics, including shaky camera work. It isn’t dazzling filmmaking, but it isn't meant to be.

For a smaller budget film, End of Watch will come with a slew of extras. The studios are still pushing Ultraviolet, so if you are into putting your movie content into a cloud, you’ll have that option with the set. As far as bonus features go, both DVD and Blu-ray copies will come with the same extras. Most of these seem to be your basic featurettes, but deleted scenes and commentary will be available, as well. Director David Ayer seems passionate about this project, and I have no doubt this contributed to the lengthy list of extras available with the set.

End of Watch Blu-ray And DVD Extras
  • “Fate with a Badge”
  • “In the Streets”
  • “Women on Watch”
  • “Watch Your Six”
  • “Honors”
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Feature Commentary with Ayer

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