Ender's Game Image Reveals Hailee Steinfeld And The Salamander Army

Taking a page from the Twilight and Hunger Games playbook, Summit Entertainment is using fan sites to help them in the earliest promotion of Ender's Game, their latest adaptation of a young adult novel that they're grooming as a huge hit. After revealing the logos of the four Battle School armies yesterday, the fan sites are back with an image that makes a little more sense to those of us who haven't read the book-- the first image of Hailee Steinfeld and Asa Butterfield in a scene together. Take a look below:

Posted by EnderWiggin.net, the photos also gives us our first look at a handful of side characters, including Kyline Rhambo as DInk Meeker and Moises Arias as Bonzdo Madrid (it is bizarre that the actors have names that are almost as odd as their screen counterparts, but hey, kids these days). All of them are part of the Salamander Army, where Ender is first assigned when he arrives at Battle School, though he eventually moves on to two other groups. Though Steinfeld's character Petra Arkanian is one of Ender's closest friends in the book, they don't have a romantic relationship-- but I wonder if Summit, hot off the success of Twilight, might be tempted to add something in there after all, so long as it didn't lead to a total fan revolt.

Ender's Game, which is directed by X-Men Origins: Wolverine's Gavin Hood, comes to theaters on November 1. You can click here for everything else we know about it, or here for those army logos we got a look at for the first time yesterday.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend