As you probably heard, Hugh Jackman returned to the role of Wolverine over the weekend, marking his sixth stint in the adamantium claws. Next summer, he’ll actually play Logan for a seventh time in Bryan Singer’s Days of Future Past, due in theaters on May 23, 2014. And my overwhelming opinion stumbling out of James Mangold’s The Wolverine was, "Enough is enough."

I like Jackman. He’s a dedicated, passionate actor whose deeply committed to the Wolverine role. And I like what he has done with the complicated mutant over the past 13 years. But it’s time to give a different X-Man the spotlight. Remember back when X-Men Origins: Wolverine suggested that Fox would tell other origin stories? As bad as Origins was, I still believe in the idea. So here are five classic X-Men characters – heroes and villains – who deserve a little of this one-on-one treatment that Jackman and Wolverine have been receiving for more than a decade. Which of these would you like to see?

1. Gambit
And don’t let that Taylor Kitsch kid anywhere near the role!

Kitsch (Battleship) took a crack at the Cajun wisecracker Remy LeBeau in 2009’s Origins, and the actor’s lack of personality sucked everything fun about Gambit into a cinematic black hole. The mutant hero deserves a better shot. His ability to energize any object can translate well on screen. The fact that Gambit uses a deck of energized paying cards to distract and subdue opponents – long enough for him to smash their heads in with a Bo stick – makes him a formidable threat. And if Fox really wanted to create a memorable Gambit movie, they’d make the story center on Remy’s complicated relationship with Rogue … then coax Anna Paquin into the movie so she finally can explore the difficulties associated with a mutant character who isn’t able to actually touch the people whom she loves.

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