As coveted as the prize may be, the Best Animated Feature award at the Oscars is a relatively young category. The prize wasn’t given out until 2001, but despite its brief tenure, they’ve made up for that by giving the trophy to some truly amazing movies in that span. There are seriously some all time greats included on this list.

Pixar’s Inside Out took home the Best Animated Feature Oscar at the 88th Academy Awards this past weekend, and a well-deserved nod it was. (Though Anomalisa is great, it’s hard to deny Inside Out.) With that in mind, we thought we’d take the opportunity to rank the fifteen winners from worst to first. Keep in mind that we acknowledge that these are all fantastic movies—we’re not saying any of them are bad—but we still prefer some over others. Feel free to tell us why we’re horribly mistaken in our rankings in the comments below.

15. Rango
In a field of movies populated by strange characters, magical creatures, and all kinds of weirdness, Gore Verbinski’s 2011 Rango may be the most unusual. And that’s saying something. Essentially an animated spaghetti western starring anthropomorphic desert creatures, the story revolves around a Johnny Depp-voiced domesticated chameleon trying to survive the arid wastes of the Mojave. A off-the-wall, existential, occasionally hallucinatory take on the genre, Rango is a bit scattered, but more than makes up for that with its unique sensibilities and straight up wackiness.

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