Leonardo DiCaprio has long earned a reputation for being extremely picky when it comes to starring in feature films. Since 1991 – when he made his big screen debut in Critters 3 - the acclaimed actor has actually only starred in 36 movies – averaging putting out three movies every two years. Of course, the variety of performances has been what has let DiCaprio stand out in Hollywood, but it turns out that there is one particular plot element that appears in a lot of his projects. To put it bluntly: he dies a lot.

The folks over at Voactiv have performed a fun bit of statistical analysis regarding actors and frequency of on-screen deaths, and one of their most surprising findings is that Leonardo DiCaprio actually dies in a full quarter of the movies that he stars in (which is to say nine out of the aforementioned 36). Believe it or not, this is a higher rate than even Sean Bean.

With these numbers coming to light in fun fashion, we figured that we would take the opportunity to look back at Leo’s long career of on-screen death. It’s a legacy that stretches back decades and began with….

SPOILER WARNING! This may seem obvious, but there are spoilers for nine Leonardo DiCaprio movies on the following pages. Browse at your own risk!

The Quick and the Dead
The Quick and the Dead
Leo’s Character: In this Sam Raimi-directed western, Leonardo DiCaprio played Fee "The Kid" Herod, a brash young kid who makes the decision to enter a gunfighting contest in the hope that he can impress the town’s ruthless leader, John Herod (Gene Hackman) – who he also believes is his father.

How He Dies In order to win Herod’s respect, The Kid challenges him to a gun duel. While the diminutive gunslinger manages to get his father in the neck, Herod’s shot hits straight on, and The Kid does with a bullet in his chest.

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