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Toward the end of October, word got out that Grindhouse Releasing was going to be making lots of classic horror fans very happy by bringing Sam Raimi's brilliant debut, The Evil Dead back to theaters as a midnight movie on select dates at specific theaters around the country. Well get out your Ash costumes and fuel up your chainsaws because FEARnet has just announced the first set of dates and locations, listed below:

January 8-9: Uptown Theatre, Minneapolis
January 15-16: Esquire Theatre, Denver
January 29-30: Sunshine Cinema, New York
February 5-6: Egyptian Theatre, Seattle
February 19-20: River Oaks Theatre, Houston
February 26-27: Inwood, Dallas
March 5: Nuart Theatre, Los Angeles

This isn't a full list of showtimes yet, but I'm hoping that soon enough we'll see a “Demand It” campaign like Paranormal Activity or Boondock Saints 2 so I can make sure it winds up in Orlando.

For true film aficionados this will be quite a treat, as they'll be rolling an honest-to-goodness 35mm print of the movie (hopefully from the 80s; I think a little celluloid wear and tear is charming) and not just hooking up a DVD player to an LCD projector and hoping people don't whine about how shitty the quality is.

Along with that press release, Grindhouse attached a brand new one-sheet (below) promoting the experience using “rare photos from the original EVIL DEAD movie poster shoot by Mike Ditz.” It's not my favorite Evil Dead poster, but it'll do.

Every horror fan in the country will be chomping at the bit to get tickets to this thing so keep checking back for updates on whether or not it's coming to your town.

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