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Exclusive: Bellflower's Evan Glodell And Tyler Dawson Drive The Medusa Car Down To SXSW

There are some truly classic cars in the history of film and television. The Batmobile. The General Lee. The Black Beauty. KITT. The DeLorean Time Machine. The list goes on and on. Now the creators of Bellflower would like to introduce you to what they hope will be the newest in the long line of famous automobiles: The Medusa.

With Bellflower currently playing in Austin, Texas at the SXSW Film Festival, actor Tyler Dawson and writer/director Evan Glodell decided to make a grand entrance on the first night that their film was shown by driving their creation, which is outfitted with flamethrowers, surveillance cameras, smoke screens and more, right up to the red carpet on 6th street. Now we're happy to exclusively share with your their awesome entrance into the Texas town.

Check out the video below.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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