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Are you into Danny Trejo’s famous character Machete? We have some excellent exclusive clips to share with you, but they are both chock full of spoilers, so if you haven’t caught the film yet, you will be spoiled. Additionally, the clips are NSFW.

Machete Kills is rolling onto Blu-ray and DVD this week, and to celebrate Robert Rodriguez’s latest film, we have several exclusive clips to share with fans. The first is a visceral "In Memorium clip," which shows Machete’s ability to utterly destroy each and every one of his victims. If you have been interested in reliving many of the biggest deaths in Machete and Machete Kills, the clip is a must-watch. Preferably not while eating.

From signature machetes to bare-fisted fighting, Machete shows how capable he is of using his surroundings to the best advantage. The clip is filled with body parts being hacked off and organs pulled out. Blood spurts and the occasional explosion occurs. Basically, death is unrelenting for the victims of Machete in this four-minute clip, and watching these fight sequences in succession rather than across a lengthy movie gives me renewed appreciation for the imaginations of the writers of the two flicks (Rodriguez and Kyle Ward). If you have five minutes to spare, take a look at the "In Memorium" clip, as a small tribute to all of the characters that died and all of the makeup artists who must have been hired to make those wounds appear real.

If you are looking for a clip that’s a little more relaxing and features a badass Michelle Rodriguez, you can check out the second exclusive clip, also filled with spoilers, below.

The second clip follows Machete during his first meeting with Luz (Rodriguez). The two are discussing the Network and how it has gone "full-scale," before launching into a story about how a whole slew of people attempting to make it across the border have vanished. Then, a wild plot about a deranged arms deal and space is explained. If you can keep up with the whole speech, you’ve probably already caught the movie, but if you haven’t, perhaps Luz’s story will be enough to intrigue you.

Machete Kills is headed into homes tomorrow, courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Both Blu-ray and DVD sets will come with the same extras, which include deleted and extended scenes and a "Making of" featurette. You can check out the box art and read more about the release here, or you can pre-order the set over at Amazon.

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