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Exodus: Gods And Kings Video Shows Ridley Shooting Crowd Scenes Without Crowds

Ridley Scott is about to get Biblical, and we’ve got an awesome sneak peek behind the scenes of the Prometheus filmmaker’s upcoming epic Exodus: Gods and Kings to prove it.

Yahoo! Movies scored this amazing featurette showing the 76-year-old director hard at work bringing the story of Moses to the big screen. Scott has a penchant for doing sprawling, bombastic features, and his latest looks to be on par with some of his most epic creations.

The clip is just over 90 seconds long, so it doesn’t get nearly as in-depth as I would have liked, but Ridley Scott uses the time to lay the foundation for his vision. Exodus: Gods and Kings will retell the tale of Moses and his brother Ramses (Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton, respectively), a relationship that eventually soured to the point of all out war.

During the brief preview, we get to see Scott in his element, working amongst the massive sets that have been constructed on location, chatting with Christian Bale, and discussing the things that drew him to the project in the first place. The biggest draw for Ridley Scott was simply the scope of the film, which might be his biggest since Gladiator. He was also intrigued by the brother angle of the story and how those familial bonds eventually break down and give way to something much more ominous. The Alien director says he relishes the challenge presented by the material.

These aren’t the only challenges facing Exodus: Gods and Kings, though…

Biblical epics have given way to big budget action films and superhero flicks over the years, but if anyone can bring these tales of the Old Testament to life for a 21st century audience, it’s arguably Ridley Scott. The question is, will there still be a market interested in big budget Bible stories in the way there was when Charlton Heston was ruling the box office?

Exodus Cast

An even bigger issue involves the concern over the "whitewashing" of the film’s cast. Star Joel Edgerton is almost unrecognizable as Ramses, but he’s still a white man playing an ethnic role. Edgerton understands people’s issues with the casting, and has addressed it outright, saying

"I got asked to do a job and it would have been very hard to say no to that job. I do say that I am sensitive to it and I do, I do understand and empathise with that position."

Will the Internet’s outrage keep audiences away from Exodus: Gods and Kings when it opens on December 12th? We’ll have to wait and see.