Is The Family Guy Movie Still Happening? Here's What Seth MacFarlane Says

The idea for a major theatrical motion picture based on Family Guy has been a plan for years. However, it’s been in the cards for so many years that now we’re wondering whether or not the idea is still alive. It’s been a couple years since we’ve really heard anything concrete about the idea. However, it appears the idea is not dead. In response to a fan question, creator Seth MacFarlane has confirmed that the movie is still happening, and we may get some details in the very near future.

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So it appears the rumors of Peter Griffin’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. If we take MacFarlane’s statement at its most literal, it could mean that the actual production of the film will be beginning "soon." The word soon is hardly that clear, of course, so it could mean nearly anything. Is the movie actually on a schedule somewhere, or is the movie only coming soon, because we’re closer to it now then we were in 2008?

The last time MacFarlane said anything straight about the movie he said there was an idea for a film back in 2012. How much work has actually gone into making it since then is not clear. It’s certainly possible that a movie could be on it’s way. The movie would certainly include most of the already existing cast and crew, so they could actually be working on the movie right now and it’s not like anybody on the outside would even notice. To the rest of the world it would appear like they were just working on the show while they were actually making a feature film.

Technically this wouldn’t be the first Family Guy movie. Stewie Griffin:The Untold Story was a direct-to-DVD feature in 2007 that was eventually broken down into three separate episodes for broadcast on TV.

Talk of a Family Guy film has been going on since pretty much just after The Simpsons made their jump to the big screen. Of course, it took them nearly two decades to make it there. Family Guy is technically 16 years old, but there was a several year break in there as the show has already seen cancellation once.

Are you excited for a potential Family Guy movie? Seth MacFarlane has previously said that their idea for a movie is an idea that would impossible to do on TV. Would that be enough to get you in a theater? Or would two hours of cutaway gags drive you out of your mind?

Dirk Libbey
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