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The Fantastic Four Reboot Pretty Much Rips Off Interstellar, Here's The Proof

What’s the difference between the teaser trailers for The Fantastic Four and Interstellar? Not much apparently. That’s according to this new mash-up of the films' trailers, which proves just how similar they both are. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

Eerie, huh? It’s also kind of awesome too. Mostly because Matthew McConaughey’s voice is so delightfully hypnotic that you can’t help but feel enchanted. Seriously, the man could probably talk off a eunuch. The fact that these trailers are so similar has actually caused a bit of reaction from old school Fantastic Four fans. They have criticized the first clip from Josh Trank’s impending blockbuster because of how dark and moody it looked. They believe that this is totally at odds with The Fantastic Four’s light and jovial aesthetic from the comics. Plus, most of them are still pretty annoyed at the fact that the film is set to deviate quite a bit from the source material.

But how similar are the trailers for Interstellar and The Fantastic Four exactly? Well, the first teaser trailer for Interstellar was mostly comprised of archive footage from mans greatest forays into space. Still, it’s worth re-watching because it is truly immense.

Bloody hell, that’s powerful. Two points: is it just me or is the teaser trailer for Interstellar actually better than the film itself? That’s not meant as a slight against the sci-fi epic because it was by far the most ambitious and delicious Hollywood blockbuster released this year. It was cinematic spectacle at its finest. It’s just that Christopher Nolan really knows how to make a teaser trailer. Remember how sensational The Dark Knight teaser was? Plus the combination of Matthew McConaughey’s voice and Hans Zimmer’s score instantly had me on the cusp of tears.

While Interstellar had much criticism for its elongated narrative, at times cringe worthy dialogue and borderline cheesy conclusion, there’s no denying the fact that it was one of the most visually arresting and exhilarating movies of the year. It truly looked sumptuous on-screen. The Fantastic Four teaser showed signs that the finished film might actually mirror the visual splendor of Interstellar. And if it has, then that will go a long way towards finally making casual moviegoers take the franchise seriously. But at the same time, it will almost certainly drive aficionados further away. A catch-22 situation if ever I’ve seen one. We’ll see how alike Interstellar and The Fantastic Four actually are when the latter hits screens on August 7, 2015.