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What Fantastic Four Is Doing To Make Doctor Doom As Awesome As Possible

At long last, we finally got our first official look at Fantastic Four with the big trailer reveal, but the work is far from over. Director Josh Trank confirmed that his team is going back for reshoots over the course of the next few weeks, but new information might’ve revealed what it’s all about. Ever heard of a little place called Latveria?

Latveria is a fictional nation of the Marvel comics that is the home base for Fantastic Four supervillain Doctor Doom, and it was formed out of annexed land from Hungary, Serbia and Romania. Keep that in mind as you check out the latest Twitter interaction between Miles Teller and the head of the film’s makeup department.

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Did you see that? Romania! Could we possibly be seeing Doctor Doom reigning supreme in Latveria? Let’s break this down even further…

We know that the villain won’t be portrayed in any classical sense. Tobey Kebell, who plays the character in Fox’s reboot, said that he will actually be an anti-social programmer named Victor Domashev who goes by the name "Doom" on the Internet. Now, let’s take a quick look at the trailer:

FF Trailer Easter Egg

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At the bottom left corner is a string of numbers ( that when plugged into your browser leads to a Google image search for Latveria. In the top middle of the same frame, there’s a red dot on the global map where the nation is supposed to be located in the comics. Couple that with an earlier shot of a vast, mountainous landscape, and you can be sure we’ll be seeing Doom’s homeland in this movie.

FF trailer Easter egg 2

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But how do the two relate? Could Doom become a villainous hacker that needs to be tracked down by the government? That would explain why Kate Mara’s Sue Storm is busy tracking the location on her computer. Based on the official plot description from 20th Century Fox, though, we know the Fantastic Four will have to "save Earth from a former friend turned enemy," which we presume is Doom. At the risk of getting lost on a superhero movie tangent that’ll see me mapping out how I think the entire movie will go down, it seems like he could be one of the ones going into the alternate dimension and getting special abilities like Johnny (Michael B. Jordan), Sue, Reed (Teller) and Ben (Jamie Bell). We also see someone in the trailer donning one of those containment suits while blasting a group of soldiers with some sort of electrical juju.

FF trailer GIF

But I digress. There was so much talk that the Fantastic Four movie was heading down the gutters that most of us started believing it. Now with the trailer and this latest Easter egg, we’re excited to see what new vision Trank has in store for us.