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Centering on the beautiful but tragic love story of cancer-fighting teens Gus (Ansel Elgort) and Hazel (Shailene Woodley), The Fault In Our Stars stole the hearts of audiences worldwide and earned more than $263 million globally. All the same, it should come as little surprise that a foreign-language remake is in the works.

THR reports The Fault In Our Stars will get a Bollywood re-interpretation courtesy of Fox Star Studios, a joint branch between 20th Century Fox and its sister company STAR out of India. In that particular nation, Fox's English-language version of The Fault In Our Stars has already earned an impressive million dollars in just a few weeks of release. But Fox Star Studios believes that tailoring the tale more closely to the sensibilities of Indian audiences could make a Hindi-version of The Fault In Our Stars a huge Bollywood hit.

At present, Fox Star Studios is on the search for a director and stars, suggesting perhaps that a script is already in place. No further details are being dropped about what changes--beyond its central language--will be made for Bollywood's The Fault In Our Stars. Personally, I'm hoping they go big.

Bollywood cinema is generally known for musicals and melodrama. With a deeply charming soundtrack and a tear-jerking storyline, The Fault In Our Stars seems a great jumping off point for a big, bold, Bollywood musical extravaganza. But at this time, there's no mention that Fox Star Studios is considering such a major shift in the film's tone. Also unclear is when the Hindi-version of The Fault In Our Stars could hit theaters.

Fox Star Studios should be able to handle the translation of the characters and key elements, as the company isn't new to remaking foreign movies for Indian audiences. Last year, this production company released City Lights a remake inspired by the UK/Philippines thriller Metro Manila about a impoverished Manila resident who takes up a dangerous security gig to feed his family. And coming soon to Indian theaters will be Bang Bang! Take a look at its teaser below, and see if you can guess which American movie, fronted by two long-time stars, inspired this:

There's one moment in this explosive promo that should have tipped it. Take another look:

Bang Bang!

Find the answer on the next page.

It was Knight and Day, the 20th Century Fox action-comedy fronted by Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.

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