The year 2014, more so than any other in recent memory, had an indie film scene filled with dramas and thrillers that objectively felt like horrors. The Jake Gyllenhaal double feature of Enemy and Nightcrawler had me nervous and disturbingly befuddled, Jim Mickle’s Cold in July rendered the edge of my seat moot, and the Israeli revenge thriller Big Bad Wolves was expertly crafted tension. Not to mention the opaque strangeness of Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin.

But even with this bolstered genre-crossing going on, there were still more than enough genuine horror flicks out there to keep fans interested. Even if, in the case of Ouija, most people’s interest was in hanging it out to dry. So without any more witching and bitching – the title of another decent flick from this year – here are the ten horror films that affected me the most in 2014, starting with Evil Daniel Radcliffe.

10. Horns
It’s hard to imagine there being a more uneven movie this year than Alexandre Aja’s Horns. In adapting Joe Horn’s excellent novel, Aja was forced to snip away at the story and rework it to fit feature length, and in doing so turned the story from a highly personal experience into a murder mystery. But when it was good, it was fantastic, and this will likely be the only time audiences get to witness Daniel Radcliffe taking advantage of people’s innermost selfishness - a power that comes with the exceedingly massive horns growing out of his face. Though not a great movie, Horns delivers a story about sins that rarely gets this extreme, and Radcliffe once again proves his skills at being the best part of whatever movie he’s in.

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