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When talking about Star Wars - which I love to do - one of my favorite debates is in regard to the innocence of stormtroopers. On the one hand they are henchmen working for what many consider to be an evil organization, but on the other they can simply be seen as government employees who are just trying to do their job and don't deserve to be blown up along with the Death Star. I've discussed this with people on both sides of the argument, but in case I ever found myself wondering how Zack Snyder and animator Ben Hibon felt about it, I know now.

Apple has released a new animated short inspired by Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch titled The Trenches. The video goes into the creation of one of the nameless/faceless dudes that our five heroines fight and kill on their way to freedom, but it also shows a bit of humanity behind the mask. Is it a bit exploitative? You bet. Is it still a cool little short? Absolutely.

Check out The Trenches below or see it in HD over on Apple.