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Yesterday we brought you the first look at Dog Fight, the political comedy due out this August starring Will Ferrell. In the image, we saw that the comedian has changed his hairstyle for the movie, going with straight blond locks instead of his normal mini-fro. In Casa de mi Padre, the new film from director Matt Piedmont, Will Ferrell looks like Will Ferrell, but there is one significant change: he's not speaking English.

While we just brought you the teaser trailer last month, today Yahoo! has delivered the first theatrical trailer for the comedy, which claims to be the "biggest international motion picture of all time." Watch it below and see it in HD over at the source.

The film is a parody of Spanish language soap operas, and in just that respect this movie has succeeded. I love the turning around conversation at the start of the trailer, and part of me hopes that it's one of those scenes that plays out so long that it stops being funny, keeps going, and then becomes funny again. I also just love the fact that Piedmont was able to bring both Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna into the mix, plus the sight of Parks and Rec's Ron Swanson at the end is just pure awesome. If this movie can live up to its premise than we should be in for a real treat. Casa de mi Padre hits theaters on March 16th.