Will Ferrell Is Two Face

Will Ferrell is doing a movie called Two Face. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Batman villain, but apparently they timed the announcement to coincide with The Dark Knight. This can’t be a coincidence can it? Gird your loins with lawyers Warner Brothers. There has to be a lawsuit in here somewhere.

According to Variety the movie has Will Ferrell playing a racist who plays a prank which doesn’t work out, and as a result leaves him with a split personality. I guess in his other personality he’s not a racist? It’s not clear. It’s also not the straight wacky comedy the plot description makes it seem like. Variety’s story describes it as more of a dramedy.

It’s written by Vince Gilligan, who sounds like he ought to be out somewhere scripting a Gilligan’s Island movie, but is in fact actually responsible for Hancock’s script. I’d say that’s probably worse.

Josh Tyler