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The Final Jurassic World Trailer Is Ferocious And Exhilarating

We’re just about a week out from the newest chapter in the Jurassic Park series, so it’s time for one last tease to whet your appetite. The final trailer for Jurassic World has been released and if this doesn’t make you want to check this movie out, then there’s really no help for you.

While much of this footage has already been seen in the numerous trailers and other ads that have been released, there is a bit of new, and interesting information in this last trailer. It opens with one of the park’s animal feeders losing control of a live pig and falling into the raptor pen. It’s this situation that leads to Chris Pratt practicing his dino-hypnosis schtick that we’ve seen in nearly every other ad, in order to prevent them from eating the poor guy. We also learn that apparently getting eaten while feeding the dinosaurs is not an unusual situation. Has anybody contacted OSHA about this?

All of the dinosaurs are looking ready to tear everything and everybody apart in this trailer. Even the raptors, who appear, from everything we know, to be on the humans’ side in this one, are ready to take a bite out of the people they come across. The new big bad dinosaur, Indominus Rex, is ready to kill anything that crosses its path, human or dinosaur. What happened to the friendly plant eating dinosaurs? They probably all got eaten.

Running, hiding, and screaming are tried and true pillars of the franchise, and this movie looks to not disappoint in that regard. However, one thing that this trailer shows a lot of, which is fairly unusual for the film series, is guns, big guns. The humans will certainly be taking the fight to the thunder lizards this time around. How successful they will be remains to be seen. The machine gun in the helicopter bit looks pretty cool, but it doesn't turn out too well for the helicopter. Hopefully the dude with the RPG has better luck.

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Expectations are that Jurassic World is going to have a huge opening weekend. There’s already talk that there may be more films coming following this relaunch. Are you excited to return to Jurassic Park? For us there are really only two questions. Are there dinosaurs in it? Do they eat people? Then we’re going!

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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