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First Iron Man 2 Footage!

The first ever footage from Iron Man 2 debuted, unfortunately, on Entertainment Tonight this week. I say unfortunately, because when Entertainment Tonight debuts something they do it with a lot of unnecessary graphical interference and spend most of the clip talking over it. Still, they flip quickly through several difference scenes in the footage, all stuff we’ve never seen before and all shots which should be in the movie's official trailer.

It starts with a shot of Pepper Pots throwing Tony’s helmet into a river after he asks her for a “smooch” for good luck. Then a shot of Tony both in and out of his costume at some sort of event, playing up the crowd and being introduced with pyrotechnics. There’s even a flying shot worked in there somewhere. What little there is to see looks fantastic. I’d say they’ve kicked the effects up a notch for the sequel, it looks even more convincing than it did in the original.

Check out the ET footage below: