It's been eight years since Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy arrived in theaters. What do you suppose Ron Burgundy would look like now? As it turns out, he's just as burgundy as ever and mostly the same as we might remember him. We have our first look at Ron Burgundy for Anchorman 2 and while it isn't terribly revealing, it is particularly classy, and that counts for a lot.

We learned back in March that plans were in motion to put Ron Burgundy and his news team back on the big screen for a followup to the popular Anchorman comedy. Now comes a photo of Burgundy for the sequel. Sporting his trademark burgundy blazer and a glorious mustache, Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy looks almost angelic eight years later. But that may just been the bright backlighting.

Legendary newscaster Ron Burgundy announced today that a teaser trailer for "Anchorman 2" will appear exclusively on "The Dictator," beginning at midnight tomorrow. Said Burgundy in a tweet, “I don't know what a teaser trailer is either but they say you all will. When did the world get so crazy? I'm having a scotch."

The image itself feels more like a teaser of great things to come. You can almost smell the pungent aroma of scotch and Sex Panther coming off of him. And as the above caption mentions, those who visit theaters to see The Dictator will get to see the teaser trailer for Anchorman 2. More details on that can be found here. And for those who want a few vaguely-spoilerish details about where the story might go in Anchorman 2, see what director Adam McKay had to say here.

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