Sometimes we get our first look at highly anticipated movies as gloriously high-res downloads from Apple, with an elegant poster or images to go along with it. And then sometimes fate and studios throw a bad hand to movie fans and allow Entertainment Tonight the first look at a trailer, which they then proceed to talk over and chop up into tiny bits that render pretty much everything unrecognizable. So despite the fact that Baz Luhrmann's take on the classic The Great Gatsby promises to have sumptuous period details and a lot of nuance to explore, ET's first look at the trailer is as grating and loud as every other trailer they've chewed up and spit out in the past. I'd suggest to just wait patiently for the real deal to arrive online, but if you can't, take a look below.

It's hard to overstate how badly ET's hyperbolic narration-- "Love, lust, liquor and Leo!"--fits with Luhrmann's own hyperbolic style. When he's working well, Luhrmann amps up the visuals and the emotional stakes to tell stories that are larger than life but hugely meaningful, something that could very well fit perfectly with F. Scott Fitzgerald's Jazz Age parable about American ambition and self-invention. But with the ET guy yammering on above it, it makes all the lush visuals feel garish and silly, and immediately makes me wonder if Luhrmann has in fact amped up Fitzgerald's novel to become as big and stupid as Gatsby's own mansion and ridiculous cars. And that's from just a few seconds of the trailer. It's amazing how fast ET can you turn you against even something you're looking forward to.

Anyway, hopefully we'll see the real-deal trailer soon, and start figuring out if this film-- set for a Christmas Day release later this year-- is in fact an Oscar season contender or another expensive lark from the director who brought you Australia. Sadly, as intriguing as this glimpse is, I can't really trust it to tell us a damn thing about the movie itself.

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