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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The images of Watchmen’s heroic cast in costume have popped up online, released by director Zack Snyder on his production blog in a post titled, “One Year to Midnight”. It’s the official start of the countdown to the movie’s debut, which, is currently slated for release on March 6, 2009. One year to go.

I can say without reservation that the cast looks great. Snyder has given us full body photos of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian, Carla Gugino as Silk Spectre (or is that Malin Akerman as Spectre II?), Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl, Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach, and Matthew Goode as Ozymandias.

Click on the thumbnails below to see each image in high-res:

Below is a little side by side comparison I put together, with each character compared to the way they were originally drawn in the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons comic: