Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch promises to be one hell of a ride. Hell, the short, 1:26 teaser trailer was so jam-packed full of awesome that it took 55 screen caps to try and make sense of it. One of the coolest features of the film is how it is approaching its fantastic elements, putting robots in medieval settings and creatures of fantasy in World War I. It's that kind of mix that's going to make the film even more badass and it's well-featured in the first still from the film.

Cruel and Unusual Films (Snyder's production company) has posted the first official image from the film and features a dragon dogfighting with an airplane. That needs to be repeated: a dragon dogfighting with an airplane. It's already been established through Snyder's previous films that he has an incredible vision, but now he's completely free of restraint, no source material holding him back. It's probably best to start mentally preparing for this film now.

Check out the image below or head over to Cruel and Unusual Films to see it full size.

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