First Pic From Anna Faris's Playboy Bunny Flick

This spring Anna Faris will become the latest in a long line of Hollywood actresses to play someone who gets naked for a living, without getting naked herself. I know, disappointing. I’m all for actresses unwilling to run naked across the screen, I wouldn’t want to do it either (not that there’s exactly a bunch of people lined up to see it). I just don’t get why they insist on playing characters who would normally, well, be frequently nakie.

But in I Know What Boys Like Anna Faris stars a a Playboy Bunny tossed out of the mansion and forced to move in with a bunch of goody goody sorority girls. It’s from the writers of Legally Blonde, which probably means PG-13 and clothing not being optional. But let’s face it, the only reason anyone cares about the movie is because Anna is playing a girl who’s naked in magazines. Otherwise it’d just be Legally Blonde writers going back to the same, tired well. You like writing about tardo sorority girls. We get it.

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly has the first official image released from the production, showing off Anna in fully clothed, bunny mode. If you’re interested, there’s a rather crummy scanned version of it below. Grab the January 11th edition of EW if you’re interested in seeing it clearer.

Josh Tyler