Kendra Wilkinson Wouldn't Mind If Her Daughter Posed For Playboy

Screenshot of Kendra Wilkinson on Tamron Hall.
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Former Playboy model and Girls Next Door reality star Kendra Wilkinson is only 28, but she’s already done quite a lot in her life. Lately, the TV personality has been busy with her husband Hank Bassett and her 3-year-old son, Hank Junior. The couple are currently trying for another child, and Wilkinson says if it’s a girl, she would be alright if her daughter followed in her footsteps and modeled for Playboy magazine.

Wilkinson was speaking with HuffPost Live when she talked about how she would feel if she had a daughter who might want to undress for the cameras. She says that she would be supportive, but that does come with a caveat; her daughter would need to be a person with plenty of self-worth.

"If she was the person that I was doing Playboy, I would 100 percent say OK. If she is in a bad mental place [and has] a bad head on her shoulders and doing it under bad conditions, that's different.”

Wilkinson is pretty open about her own beliefs, even stating that her son is currently nursing with her and she wouldn’t mind if someday he saw her Playboy spreads.

"I was very mentally there, I knew what I was doing, even though I had a little bit of fun, that was a choice that I made and I owned it. And I did nothing wrong ... and it led me to my life today. Everybody has to go through little 'finding out who they are' stages.”

At the end of the day, she believes life is all about owning your choices. Wilkinson was fine with who she was during her Playboy years and she’s more than fine with where she is today. She may not have taken a path that many people would choose, but she has a good attitude about her path, stating she owns her own choices.

"If you own every choice you make, you have no regrets. You have to own it."

A person can’t change the past. Decisions can alter the shape of a person’s life, but they can’t be taken back. The second a person begins regretting the choices he or she made is the second he or she might become unhappy. Wilkinson seems to have a great outlook on the decisions that made her who she is, and even if many parents would not be stoked to see their daughters in Playboy, Wilkinson is neither a hypocrite nor a judgmental parent.

Jessica Rawden
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