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I never would have expected it when the project was first announced, but Disney's The Lion King 3D actually turned out to be my favorite 3D experience of the year. While it wasn't perfect, few movies out there have accomplished what the classic 2D animated film was able to do with sense of depth, and it made the Pride Lands even more stunning than they were back in 1994. Thanks to the project's success - both critically and at the box office - Disney will now be bringing back many of its titles over the next few years and that starts with Beauty and the Beast.

As first reported back in October, Beauty and the Beast 3D will be arriving in theaters on January 13, 2012. We've already seen the poster for the re-release and today brings us the first trailer. Check it out below and see it in HD over on Yahoo!

I still think that it's kind of silly to make a 2D trailer for a 3D movie - we already know what Beauty and the Beast looks like in 2D - but I suppose they have to get the word out there about the movie and we're not at the point where everyone is playing around with 3D computers. But while this trailer doesn't really give us anything new outside of a few title cards, it does make me excited for one sequence in particular: the ballroom dance. It was amazing how much depth the original version was able to create in that scene, so it should be a spectacular site in the new movie.