High Fidelity is one of those rare, infinitely rewatchable films. While not really remarkable in any specific way - other than it's bliss-inducing soundtrack - the movie simply has a great pace, fun and interesting characters, and a compelling storyline that everyone alive can relate to. Now, twelve years later, writer D.V. DeVincentis and director Stephen Frears have reteamed for Lay The Favorite, a project based on the memoir by Beth Raymer. It premiered at the top of this year at the Sundance Film Festival and actually doesn't have a US release date as of yet, but today the first trailer has arrived online.

As the film will be debuting in the UK and Ireland on June 22nd, it's no real surprised the the first preview landed on the UK site Handbag.com (via HeyUGuys). Watch it below!

The film stars Rebecca Hall as Beth, a former dancer who travels to Las Vegas to become a cocktail waitress. Fate proves to have another plan for her, as she ends up getting mixed in with an old-school professional gambler named Dink (Bruce Willis). When Dink begins a bad losing streak and starts have trouble with his wife, Tulip (Catherine Zeta Jones), however, Beth finds herself in serious trouble and in search of an exit strategy. Lay The Favorite also stars Joshua Jackson, Vince Vaughn, Laura Prepon, Joel Murray, Corbin Bersen and John Caroll Lynch. The Weinstein Company currently holds worldwide theatrical distribution rights and we'll be sure to update on the film's release when more information becomes available.

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